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Juste une parole

What is this?

Parole is a modern simple media player based on the GStreamer framework and written to fit well in the Xfce desktop.
It is designed with simplicity, speed and resource usage in mind.


Parole features playback of local media files, including video with subtitles support, DVD/CD and live streams. Parole is also extensible via plugins.


Compile time

  • Gtk 2.20 or above.
  • Glib 2.32 or above.
  • Gio 2.16 or above.
  • DBus 0.60 or above.
  • DBus glib 0.70 or above.
  • GStreamer: base, video, interface and GStreamer X, version 0.10.24 or above.
  • libxfce4ui 4.8.0 or above.
  • libxfce4util 4.8.0 or above.

Run time

The GStreamer framework provides a strong plugin interface to dynamically load plugins that support certain media types, the more you have GStreamer plugins installed in your system the more you can play media formats with Parole. Parole is completely free, means that you can user it, redistribute it and/or modify it under GNU general public license, in the other hands some GStreamer plugins are not free, for example to decode some closed media formats, and possibly other plugins have licensing issues with their source code, it is up to you or usually to the distribution to ship/accept the license of these plugins, here is the list of Gstreamer plugins

GStreamer base plugins

Base functionality of GStreamer.

GStreamer good plugins

Plugins for most open formats.

GStreamer bad plugins

Plugins that Need more work to be good.

GStreamer ugly plugins

Plugins which are not Free and possibly with license issue, you will need these plugins for DVD playback. For more information about GStreamer plugins have a look to this page.


Parole currently features the following plugins:

  • System tray icon, minimize Parole to the system tray.
  • Stream Properties plugin, change stream meta data.
  • Power Manager, prevents the power manager from activating the automatic sleep while playing VCD and DVD.

Tips & Tricks

Automatic play (thunar-volman)

Since version is enough to start parole with

parole --device=dev (where dev is /dev/sr0 for example)

Parole will handle the rest, e.g. will detect if the device has media, the media type and start playing it, to enable autoplay in your Xfce desktop you need Thunar Volman, once installed you can configure thunar to start parole when audio cd and dvd/vcd are inserted

parole --device=%d




Version 0.5.0

parole-0.5.0 (2013-03-07)



You can check out the Xfce GIT Repository like so:

git clone http://git.xfce.org/apps/parole

You can view the GIT source tree online as well.


./autogen.sh --prefix=/usr (or ./configure if you are compiling a normal release).
make install (as root)

PPA for Ubuntu users

There is also an unoffical PPA with daily builds for Parole here.

Feature requests and reporting bugs

Please report all feature requests and bugs on the Xfce Bugzilla. Thanks!

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