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Line 39: Line 39:
 Mailwatch main settings: Mailwatch main settings:
 Mailboxes Mailboxes
Line 74: Line 74:
 Log Window: Log Window:
 Panel Indicator: Panel Indicator:
 ===== Mailbox configuration ===== ===== Mailbox configuration =====
Line 92: Line 92:
 Mailbox type selection: Mailbox type selection:
 ==== IMAP ==== ==== IMAP ====
Line 107: Line 107:
 IMAP Settings Dialog: IMAP Settings Dialog:
 Mailbox Name Mailbox Name
Line 139: Line 139:
 Advanced IMAP settings: Advanced IMAP settings:
 Connection Connection
Line 172: Line 172:
 New mail folders: New mail folders:
 Since IMAP supports viewing mail in multiple folders, it's possible Since IMAP supports viewing mail in multiple folders, it's possible
Line 190: Line 190:
 POP3 Settings: POP3 Settings:
 Mailbox Name Mailbox Name
Line 219: Line 219:
 POP3 Advanced Settings: POP3 Advanced Settings:
 Connection Connection
Line 243: Line 243:
 GMail Settings: GMail Settings:
 GMail Server GMail Server
Line 261: Line 261:
 Maildir Settings: Maildir Settings:
 Mailbox Name Mailbox Name
Line 289: Line 289:
 Mbox Settings: Mbox Settings:
 Mailbox Name Mailbox Name
Line 316: Line 316:
 MH Maildir Settings: MH Maildir Settings:
 Mailbox Name Mailbox Name