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Originally written by Diego Ongaro, this plugin is a menu with quick access to folders, documents, and removable media. The places plugin brings much of the functionality of GNOME's Places menu to Xfce.

The plugin puts a simple button on the panel. Clicking on this button opens up a menu with the following:

1) System-defined directories (home folder, trash, desktop, file system)

2) Removable media (using thunar-vfs)

3) User-defined bookmarks (reads ~/.gtk-bookmarks)

4) Search program launcher (optional)

5) Recent documents submenu (requires GTK+ v2.10 or greater)


Just add it to the panel. User-defined bookmarks can be modified with a file manager or by manually editing ~/.gtk-bookmarks. You can configure the plugin by right-clicking on the button and selecting Properties (see screenshot below).


OK, this first one's not really a screenshot. My friend made this cake to celebrate the 1.0 release (her suggestion). It took some minor damage in transit, then some major damage when I ate it. Good stuff, though. Thanks, Melanie.


For this screenshot, I plugged in my IPOD:


Here, I've clicked on the IPOD menu item and am about to mount it:


You can see the recent documents in this screenshot (taken with my IPOD unplugged):


Here's what it looks like when configured to display a label:


The search program launcher looks like this:


And the properties/preferences dialog:



Version 1.2

  • Updates a ton of translations (thanks to the i18n team)
  • Adds XDG user dirs support (thanks to Andea Santilli, bug #4461)
  • Uses XDG icon names (thanks to Yves-Alexis Perez, bug #5034)
  • Shows “Eject” option on removable volumes when Thunar 1.0 does (bug #4136)
  • Makes the properties dialog non-modal
  • Honors GTK's menu icon size (bug #4744)
  • Calls the file browser through exo instead of directly opening Thunar (thanks to Christian Dywan, bug #4463)
  • Fixes some issues on shutdown
  • Takes advantage of the panel's menu positioning on Xfce 4.6


Version 1.1

  • “xfce4-popup-places” command to open the menu
  • Error messages when mounts/unmounts fail
  • Grays out panel icon while busy (un)mounting
  • Multiple bug fixes and enhancements (see ChangeLog)


Version 1.0 (final)

  • Added “Mount and Open” action for removable media (Bug #3565)
  • Fixed make distcheck errors
  • Fixed menu “blinking” when ~/.gtk-bookmarks not found
  • Fixed always showing “No items found” in recent documents with GTK 2.12 (Bug #3605)
  • Adopted menu positioning from notes plugin for improved behavior with floating panels


Version 1.0beta2 (v0.9.992)

  • Reorganization of GUI code
  • Improved plugin sizing algorithm
  • “Open” menu item now opens with Thunar, as intended
  • Now polls for model changes (e.g., new devices) while menu is open
  • Fix bug #3471 (Rightclick action pins autohidden panel)


Version 1.0beta1 (v0.9.991)

  • Adds mount/unmount options for volumes (removable media)
  • Adds Open Terminal Here option where applicable
  • Search for Files with an external application
  • The trash icon now shows whether there's anything in the trash
  • Large internal clean-up
  • Other minor bug fixes


Version 0.3

  • Adds preferences dialog (optionally show a label on the panel)
  • Thunar now opens when middle-clicking the button (Bug #3239)
  • Bug fixes
  • #3237: Places won't compile on Debian testing
  • With no .gtk-bookmarks, the menu showed two consecutive separators


Version 0.2

  • Support for volumes (removable media), recent documents
  • Now has 35 translations, taken from Thunar and gnome-panel.
  • Rewritten view based on xfdesktop's menu and .gtk-bookmarks parsing based on Thunar's parser
  • Many bug fixes
    • #3028: Places button activated when dragged away
    • #3029: Places ignores orientation-changed
    • #3030: Places shows missing menu items
    • #3124: Auto-hidden panel hides on plugin activation


Version 0.1

This is the first stable release.

  • Adds i18n support
  • Fixes URL escaping display issue (#3027)
  • Fixes hard-coded Thunar path (#3053)



Xfce 4.4 (or 4.3.99)

Thunar VFS v0.4

GTK v2.6 (v2.10 required for Recent Documents)

Reporting Bugs

Bugs should be reported to the Xfce bug tracking system (classification Panel Plugins, product Xfce4-places-plugin).

See all bugs