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Thunar File Manager Plugins


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The Thunar Archive Plugin allows you to create and extract archive files using the file context menus in the Thunar file manager. Currently, it supports File Roller, Ark and Xarchiver as helpers, through a generic scripting interface.


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The thunar-actions-plugin is an evolution on the current existing thunar-uca custom actions plugin.

The reason for the creation of the new plugin is the need for a better system to manage custom actions. This include more standardization and automated options.


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This is the first plugin available for the Thunar file manager. This one adds a tags on the file properties dialog, letting you the possibility of editing the id3/ogg tags of your file. Additionally, this plugin is bulked with a tag-based renamer wich will allow you to rename your file considering their tags.


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The Thunar VCS Plugin provides a svn and git intergration to Thunar. It allows you to do most of the svn and git actions from the context menu. It also shows the svn file status in the file properties window.


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The Thunar Wallpaper Plugin provides an interface to thunar which allows you to set the wallpaper on the xfce desktop.


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Additional thumbnailers which can be used with thunar to enable thumbnail generation for less common file formats.


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The Thunar Volume Manager is an extension for Thunar which adds support for automatic management of removable drives and media. For example, if thunar-volman is installed and configured properly, and you plug in your digital camera, it will automatically launch your preferred photo application and import the new pictures from the camera into your photo collection.