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Xfce Goodies Project

The Xfce Goodies Project includes additional software and artwork that are related to the Xfce desktop, but are not part of the official release.

Most of the information on this Goodies Wiki is obsolete. The information, features and screenshots may or may not reflect the real state of a goodie. Please check out the git repository to keep track of the latest changes.

The Xfce Project itself provides a lightweight desktop environment, which includes only the core components required for a desktop environment, like a window manager, a file manager, a session manager, a panel and a few utilities. Additional software packages and plugins to existing software, like the panel or the file manager, are provided by the Xfce Goodies Project. more...


News can be found on a separate page.



Stable versions

The most recent releases can be found on here.


Anonymous Git access allows you to fetch and build development source code of the goodies.

Getting Involved / Help

Everybody is welcome to contribute to the project. So if you feel you can help us in any way, please visit this page. You'll also get information about mailinglists and IRC channels where you can get help on this page.

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