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Notification-daemon-xfce is a port of Gnome's notification-daemon for the Xfce desktop.


Original notification-daemon is written by Christian Hammond and John Palmieri.



  • gtk >= 2.6.0
  • libxfce4util >= 4.3.90
  • libxfcegui4 >= 4.3.90
  • dbus >= 0.36
  • libsexy >= 0.1.3


Notification-daemon-xfce conflicts with the original notification-daemon


The simplest way to compile this package is:

  • ./configure –prefix=<path>
  • make && make install

You can optionally disable/enable the following settings:

  • –disable-close-button: Disable the close button the the notification. Note that clicking the notification will close it too.
  • –enable-gradient-look: Show a gradient look in the default theme.


Notification-daemon-xfce is a dbus daemon, so to use it, you need a frontend application to trigger the daemon. This application is libnotify. Libnotify provides bindings for applications and also a small application to manually send messages to the daemon: notify-send. Libnotify is probably provided by your distribution.

Using notify-send

After you've compiled notification-daemon-xfce and installated libnotify you can test the daemon by running:

notify-send “Test notification”

If everything went fine, a notification pops up on the right bottom of you screen; congratulations! You can create more complex notifications like so:

notify-send -i appointment -u critical “Reminder” “You've got an appointment in 10 minutes.”

The result should be something like the screenshot below.

For more information about using notify-send, type notify-send –help


Sample Notification Sample Notification

Xfce MCS manager plugin



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