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Xfce4 Volstatus Icon


Xfce4 Volstatus Icon is a system tray icon that allows you to easily eject removable devices from your system, without needing to open a terminal or Thunar window.


Maintainer: Brian Tarricone


The current stable release is 0.1.0.

You can also check out the latest bleeding-edge code from the Goodies Subversion Repository like so:

svn co http://svn.xfce.org/svn/goodies/xfce4-volstatus-icon/trunk xfce4-volstatus-icon

You can view the SVN source tree online as well.


  • gtk 2.10.0
  • libxfce4util 4.4.0
  • libxfcegui4 4.4.0
  • dbus-glib 0.70
  • hal-storage
  • exo-hal 0.3.2 (compiled with HAL support)
  • a running system tray (e.g., systray plugin in xfce4-panel)


To install from source, use the following:

./configure --prefix=<install path>
make install

Replace configure with autogen.sh if checking the code out of the Subversion repository instead of using a source tarball.


Simply run 'xfce4-volstatus-icon' (e.g. from the 'Run Program…' dialog). On first use, it will ask you if you want to start it every time Xfce starts. Obviously, it's not too useful if you don't, so I'd suggest you say yes here. You can later disable it in the 'Autostarted Applications' settings panel if you change your mind.

Normally, you won't even notice it running. If you plug in a removable drive, the icon will appear in your system tray. Single-clicking the icon will bring up a dialog box with a list of devices and volumes plugged in, where you can also remove devices. Right-clicking the icon gives you a quick method to eject a particular volume via a popup menu.

When there are no removable devices attached, the icon hides itself to save space.


Please report all bugs on Xfce Bugzilla, using the 'Xfce Goodies' project and 'xfce4-volstatus-icon' component.

For translations, please see the Xfce i18n website for instructions.

Questions about usage should be addressed to the Xfce user list, and discussion about development should go to the Xfce4 development list.