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Windowck Plugins


Written by Alessio Piccoli and Cédric Leporcq. xfce4-windowck-plugin is a set of two plugins which allows you to put the maximized window title and windows buttons on the panel.

This code is derived from original 'Window Applets' from Andrej Belcijan.


  • Show the title and buttons of the maximized window on the panel.
  • Allow window actions on buttons and title clicks (activate, (un)maximize, close).
  • Allow window action menu on left button click.
  • Title formatting options.
  • xfwm4/unity theming support for buttons.


Add the desired window headers plugins to the panel. You can specify the behaviour and appearance in the proprieties dialog (controlled windows, show/hide buttons, theme, title formatting options…).




For the 4.10 panel (and above)


  • Xfce4-panel 4.10

Additionally to the 4.2 or 4.4 panel (and its headers if you want to build it on your own), you need libsensors3 (and its headers…) for up to version 0.10.0. Versions newer than that one will detect the available libraries at configure-time and compile only with those found on your system.

Source code

Bug Reports

Please file bug reports or feature requests to https://github.com/cedl38/xfce4-windowck-plugin.


How do I hide the window decorations on maximized windows on xfce ?

You can use a patch for xfwm4 available here : https://github.com/cedl38/xfwm4-titleless. Alternatively, you can try to use an external program like maximus (performance should be lower). There are also some xfwm4 themes with very thin border.