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Windowck Plugins


Written by Alessio Piccoli and Cédric Leporcq. xfce4-windowck-plugin is a set of two plugins which allows you to put the maximized window title and windows buttons on the panel.

This code is derived from original 'Window Applets' from Andrej Belcijan.


  • Show the title and buttons of the maximized window on the panel.
  • Allow window actions on buttons and title clicks (activate, (un)maximize, close).
  • Allow window action menu on left button click.
  • Title formatting options.
  • xfwm4/unity theming support for buttons.


Add the desired window headers plugins to the panel.

You can specify the behaviour and appearance in the proprieties dialog (controlled windows, show/hide buttons, theme, title formatting options…).




For the 4.10 panel (and above)


  • Xfce4-panel 4.10

Source code

Bug Reports

Please file bug reports or feature requests to https://github.com/cedl38/xfce4-windowck-plugin.


How do I hide the window decorations on maximized windows on xfce ?

You can use a patch for xfwm4 available here : https://github.com/cedl38/xfwm4-titleless. Alternatively, you can try to use an external program like maximus (performance should be lower). There are also some xfwm4 themes with very thin border.